High Pressure High

HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) can be used as an annealing process for diamonds. During this process, diamonds are subjected to high temperature and high pressure which can help to improve their color and clarity, as well as to change their crystal structure. This process is often used on type IIa Natural or Lab Grown Diamonds as due to flaws in the crystal lattice, they are brown colour. This treatment cause crystal structure of the diamond is restored and make them colourless or near colourless.

Low Pressure High

LPHT (Low Pressure High Temperature) can be used as a stress relieving treatment for lab grown diamonds. During this process, the diamond is subjected to high temperature and low pressure in a controlled environment. The heat and pressure help to relieve internal stress and improve the diamond's durability, stability, and optical properties. This treatment is often used on rough lab grown diamonds to improve its quality and stability.

Irradiation Process

Irradiation is a process used to improve the color of diamonds. In this process, the diamond is exposed to high-energy particles, such as electrons or gamma rays, which cause changes to the crystal lattice structure and create colored centers. These colored centers can enhance the diamond's existing hue or create a new color. The process is followed by a heat treatment to stabilize the color. The diamond's color and quality are permanent and will not fade over time. Irradiation is a common and safe treatment used in the diamond industry, and it is usually disclosed by diamond dealers and jewellers.